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Welcome to the Customer Service Zone.  Here you can read about special offers, future collections and the artists and designers who create work for us.

You can leave your comments about your experience with us and ask questions through the Blog, we’d love to hear what you think.

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The Art Ministry – Enriching Your Life, Defining Your Space

The Art Ministry is the house of affordable contemporary art and home accessories, which is revolutionising the purchase and commission of artwork and exclusive design by making it more accessible and affordable than ever before. Our collections feature exclusive items by renowned and emerging artists and designers from all over the world, which sell for as low as £10 up to a maximum of £5000, and which you can buy outright or by installment.

Based in London, England, The Art Ministry was launched to support and showcase the talent of established and new artists, who are supplying the growing UK Arts market, worth over £4 billion a year.

Within this context, The Art Ministry works in a unique way to serve every aspect of the industry. We combine creative support and promotion of artists with an extensive commercial supply network, selling work through our Online Shop and Trade Buyers.

Working with a broad diversity of talent, we possess a strongly held belief in freedom of expression and a love of the artistic process. Our passion leads us to not only support British based talent but also overseas artists, by importing works under the Fair Trade agreement. We are committed to a progressive and ethical vision, and our experienced team aims to create a viable and supportive environment in which artistic talent can flourish. Our goal is to reward committed artists with tangible success, both creatively and financially.

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The Art Ministry Team – Actively Supporting UK Artists.

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    The focus is on types of innovation in arts, science and business.

    The most recent blog post is about economist David Galenson’s new study on the top women artists of the 20th century:

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    Colin Stewart